News: Slip 'n Slide of Death

Slip 'n Slide of Death

It's massive, it's dangerous, and it looks HELLA fun. Shot by filmmaker Devin Graham on the Canon 5D Mark II, it's most likely the widest slip 'n slide in the world (the exact location remains a secret):

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This is by possibly one of the coolest ideas I've seen in a LONG time... I just can only imagine how hard it would be to try to climb out.

I think I saw a rope, but it would probably still involve a lot of slipping and sliding

That's because YOU DON'T!
Lol BUt this thing still looks epic.

wow. how do i get more of this in my life? totally puts tarp surfing to shame.

is reall if it is teall me ware it is koool :)

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