How To: Make snow angels

Make snow angels

You're never too old to join in the fun. A 99-year-old woman helped Bismarck, North Dakota, recapture a snow-angel-making world record. Learn how to make snow angels.

You Will Need:

* Snow
* Waterproof clothes
* A hat
* And gloves or mittens
* A friend

Step 1: Pick a spot
Pick a clear spot in the snow as tall as your body and as wide as your outstretched arms.
*Tip: Fresh powder works best—make a snow angel right after a storm, when the snow is untouched.

Step 2: Fall backward
Carefully fall backward onto the snow with your arms outstretched.

Step 3: Move your arms and legs
Move your arms and legs back and forth, like you're doing jumping jacks.

Step 4: Press your head
Press your head back enough to make a clear indentation.

Step 5: Get up
Get up carefully so you don't wreck your masterpiece. For best results, have a friend help you up.

In 2002, 1,791 people in Bismarck, North Dakota, made snow angels on the state capitol grounds.

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