How To: Lawn bowl with the basic rules

Lawn bowl with the basic rules

The Newport Harbor Lawn Bowling Club would like to help you learn how to lawn bowl. Just watch this great video introduction to the much under-appreciated game of lawn bowling.

In the United States, lawn bowling is considered a retirement sport, however, worldwide most of the world champions are in their twenties and thirties.

This video tutorial is for the beginner to learn the basic rules of lawn bowling.

The green holds six to eight rinks and each rink is twenty feet wide by a hundred and twenty feet long. That's just one of the many facts you discover here about the sport lawn bowling. Understand the terms forehand, backhand, out of play, both are still in play, the draw shot, the run shot, and dead end.

Bowls (also known as lawn bowls or lawn bowling) is a precision sport in which the goal is to roll slightly radially asymmetrical balls (called bowls) closest to a smaller white ball (the "jack" or "kitty" or "sweetie"). It is played outdoors on grass or artificial surfaces and indoors on artificial surfaces.

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